Is an Office Relocation in Little Rock on Your Agenda?

Office Relocation

You and your employees put in at least 40 hours every week in your office, so it needs to be an area that is useful and amiable. Your entire livelihood depends upon what goes on within those offices. With that in mind, you might be pondering an office relocation. There are a lot of justifications to do so:
  • You've gotten too big for your current office in Little Rock. Your workers need a little breathing room! As you expand and hire more employees, you require more office space to accommodate them. (Nobody wants to share a desk or go to the break room only to realize there is no break room.)
  • You want your warehouse and office to be within throwing distance. If you have a warehouse of inventory, it might be nice to locate your office very close so you do not have to make such a drive from one to the other.
  • You need to up your visibility. Some businesses benefit when potential customers can notice your sign every day and gain easy access to your front door. If this is you, it's time to move away from of that office tower or hidden alley office and get into the spotlight.
  • A different locale makes more sense. Maybe your present spot was ideal for opening your business, but now it is time to relocate to an area that is more available for your clients, has more parking, or is simply more lavish.
  • You need room for a new department. An office relocation might be as uncomplicated as moving one department of workers into a new workspace in the same building or complex.

Really, no matter how easy the relocation might appear, there is a lot to ponder, which is why it is a good idea to hire a professional moving company that can manage your office move from start to finish.

  • Disassembling and Reassembling Furniture: There are not very many office conference tables that will go through a door in one piece (and seriously, would you want to carry it even if it could?). Disassembling furniture and reassembling it is slow and delicate: you must be careful to lose a single screw! You and your employees can find a better use of your time.
  • Moving Records and Files: You have a filing system, and you need to be able to start where you ended when you are in your new office. Prior to hiring a professional mover, it’s best to check that they're capable of maintaining the organization and protecting the privacy of the people whose files are being relocated.
  • Moving IT Systems: A couple laptops is one thing; an entire network of computers, printers and desk phones is another. Additionally, even with a single tablet, you need to be sure it's properly packed and padded to escape issues in transit. When you settle in at your new location, you want to rest assured that your system can be reinstalled smoothly and, of course, correctly.
  • Moving Heavy Equipment: Depending upon your business, you might have big, oddly shaped pieces of high-priced equipment that need to make the move, too. How are you thinking about moving that item? How will you protect it? That's what pros are here for. 
  • Keeping to a Timeline: When your office is being moved, it is hard to keep up with work, which is why it is essential for an office relocation to happen seamlessly. 

Not all moving companies in Little Rock have experience with office relocation, and not all of them are able to manage every aspect of the move. We can. From point A to point B, our professional, certified movers can handle every detail. Your office relocation begins with a survey and analysis of your office, followed by an accurate written estimate. We are dedicated to making the process as easy for you as possible. Click here to get started.