What to Expect with Your International Move

What to Expect with Your International Residential Move

International moves are all too often problematic. Make no mistake, we’ll expertly take care of the difficulties, having moved people all over the world in the time we’ve been in business. It really doesn’t matter if you’re relocating from Little Rock to London or Paris or Stuttgart or Rome or Bombay or Bangkok or Beijing or Brisbane  – or from anywhere in the states to anywhere else – we’ll make sure your household gets where it’s got to go. We take full responsibility for your international move during …

The Moving Process

Here are the steps you can We take responsibility for each one of the following matters relating to your move:

FREE Ballpark Pricing

With an international move, particularly, you’ll surely feel you need a pretty quick assessment of what such a move will cost. Get on the phone with us. Speak with us. Tell us where you’ll be going, when you want or need to go, and what kind of a move you’d need us to execute for you. Based on our vast experience with global moving, we’ll provide you with a free ballpark estimate. This could actually end up being the final price – but it may not be, either. Additional discussion with you will help determine that. But at least you’ll have a reasonable idea of what to expect, price-wise, before committing to us.

The Home Survey

To produce a final, accurate estimate of your move’s cost, we’re obligated to inventory the belongings you’ll be freighting. We give you two options for doing this:

  1. A A-1 Freeman Moving Group estimator visits your home to consult with you on various details of your move, perform a walk-through of your home, and take that inventory of your belongings.
  2. Via your mobile phone, you link directly with our estimator and handle your own home walk-through, recording a video inventory of what you need shipped.

The Written Estimate

Having initially spoken with you and analyzed your Home Survey results, we’re ready offer a more exact, written estimate of the financial outlay required for your international move. It comprises everything relating to your move, including which moving services of ours you’ve picked.

The Customer Agreement

This is your move contract, which confirms locations, move dates and times, the moving services you’ve opted, safety and insurance provisions, the price, and other considerations. Signing it attests that you consent to our terms and pricing and authorizes us to book your move.

The Move Plan

To reassure you of an international move that’s smooth, safe, and problem-free, we assign you a Move Concierge – your very own, personal representative and counselor. He or she will assist you in planning the various details of your move. At your initial discussion, your Move Concierge will …

  • confirm your move dates,
  • establish the addresses involved stateside and out of country,
  • affirm which of our services you’d like,
  • offer precursory advice on what’s likely in store for you during  your move, and
  • field your questions.

From here on, your Move Concierge is your A-1 Freeman Moving Group “one point of contact.” You can rely on him or her being fully conversant with the difficulties of international and alerting you well – specifically on customs laws from one country to another. In addition to giving you vital information on your particular destination country, he or she also can help you with ...

  • passports,
  • visas,
  • automobile titles, and
  • all other needed international paperwork.

Then, as the move proceeds, your Move Concierge will keep you updated on what’s happening with it.

The Pre-Move Confirmation

As your move date advances, we’ll email or call you to confirm that you’re still okay with proceeding according to plan. We’ll affirm dates, times, locations, and everything else relating to your setting up home in another country.


Our packing options are made available to better match your needs and budget.

  • Opt to do the packing yourself; if you want, we’ll send you the packing materials.
  • Choose to let our crew provide backup packing assistance. Or
  • Opt to begin packing yourself and allow us help you by packing specialty items.

By whatever method you prefer to have your packing taken care of, you have the assurance our past customers that we understand foreign customs laws and will assure that your shipments are in full compliance. That includes making sure packed goods are loaded into the proper overseas shipping containers, as specified.


When the truck and crew get to your stateside home, they’ll introduce themselves and conduct a walk-through, getting familiar with your house and the belongings you’re moving.

Next, they’ll take steps to safeguard your home during the move-out. They’ll pad stair rails, cramped corners, doors and jambs. And they’ll place carpet covers to keep floors dirt- and damage-free .

In loading your household goods onto the truck, our crew will ensure that moving boxes are labeled and categorized by room to assist in their proper placement in your new home.

Beds, entertainment centers, swing sets and anything else that has to be disassembled will be taken apart by our crew at this time.

Finally, our crew conducts quality checks and keeps in contact with your Move Concierge throughout the loading process.


After we’ve gotten your freight safely to your new home in your destination country, our crews are exceptionally careful in unloading it. Included in our destination-country delivery services are …

  • making use of protection pads and carpet covers to keep your new home pristine throughout the move-in,
  • systematic unloading – setting your belongings into the rooms you tell us to put them in,
  • reassembling those things that were disassembled for the move,
  • unpacking – simply say so; we’ll get it done, and
  • debris removal – where, if you request, we’ll take away all the empty moving boxes and materials when the unpacking is done.

The Post-Move Follow-up

Once we’re done with your international move, your Move Concierge will contact you to ...

  • talk about it with you,
  • examine how faithfully we handled the services you opted for
  • look into any remaining matters, and
  • THANK YOU for hiring A-1 Freeman Moving Group!

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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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