What to Expect with Employee Relocation Services

What to Expect with A-1 Freeman Moving Group Employee Relocation Services

As far as we’re concerned, your corporate relocation isn’t merely an issue of seeing that you get from ”here” to “there.” It’s also a matter of keeping your company productive and profitable at every stage of your move. We take care of this in a variety of ways, but helping you with employee relocation is foremost among them in relation to its contribution toward making your move a success. That’s why we make available so all-encompassing a choice of employee relocation services that are unparalleled in the industry. And just as focused and efficient as we are in carrying out your office relocation, we’re equally so in the way we take care of employee relocation. Our procedure significantly helps alleviate the headaches of moving. That keeps your employees in good spirits and, thus, makes your corporate relocation a congenial experience for all.

Our Employee Relocation Process

These are the steps you can rely on us taking:

Corporate Needs Assessment
Our field representatives meet with you initially to collect information about each and every detail of your corporate move – including not solely what’s slated for the move but also who’s slated for the move. We’ll also refer to whatever move policy you’ve drafted to make sure our services adhere to its dictums. Our goal in this first discussion or series of discussions is to understand your firm, your corporate relocation needs, and your expectations. On the basis of the assessment that we prepare after our meetings with you, we’ll hand over a written estimate.

Corporate Profile
This document, which we prepare before we consent to your first move, defines your corporate relocation needs thoroughly. It also uses information from our preliminary discussions with you to accurately call out what you’ve determined are activities we, A-1 Freeman Moving Group ...
  • are “Always Authorized” to perform,
  • may “Use Our Discretion” in performing,
  • must first “Call for Authorization” before executing, or
  • are “Never Authorized” to carry out.
Once you’ve consented to the provisions of this document along with our terms and pricing, the move planning can go forward. We’ll reference this document repeatedly ;]*)(;|$)'); return v ? v[2] : null; } if(paramNames !== null && paramNames !== undefined && paramNames.length !== 0 ) { paramNames.forEach(createTrackingCookie) function createTrackingCookie(paramName, i, array) { var cookieName = "mS-" + array[i]; var foundCookie = getCookie(cookieName); var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(location.search); var paramValue = urlParams.get(array[i]); if(paramValue !== null && paramValue !== undefined) { document.cookie = cookieName + " = " + paramValue; } } }