How to Limit Downtime in a Corporate Office Move

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

There isn't any question that your company will encounter a little downtime while you are moving to Little Rock, the question is how to reduce that period. In today's world, "downtime" describes the time you're offline and isolated from clients and providers--not the time put in actually moving pieces of furniture and components from point A to point B.

There are 3 main aspects to reducing your time offline, and when you implement all 3 you should be equipped to achieve a smooth changeover. But this is the trick--you can't pick and choose two out of three; there exists a synchronicity to the method which demands focus on every one of the 3 components.

Point Person and Planning

Should you take away one thing from perusing this, it truly is that you need one person in control. And that one person's primary project is to handle all the preparation and logistics of the move.

Determine a budget for the move and set your point person free to meet and employ a professional office moving company in Little Rock. Here are a few additional jobs your internal “concierge” might supervise.

Service providers--everybody from the water delivery person to your telephone provider--have to know your move time as fast as possible, as well as any adjustments to the scope of their work. Create a timeline of when services are shut off in your old area and when they're going to be live in the new one. Preferably, there's a couple of days overlap to make sure you're protected should there be a snafu with the actual move.

Floor Plan

Get your point person a floor plan of the new location when you have any upfit specifics and share it with the professional movers in Little Rock. This info not only helps calculate expenditures (first floor vs elevator, loading docks, etc.), but allows the team model the flow of the move-in. A copy of the layout really assists the designers place desks and also other equipment prior to the move which consequently lessens the actual loading in the area.

IT Closet

Call it what you will--IT Closet, Server Room, Corridor of Despair and Confusion--the sooner you identify where that area is, your IT crew can prepare for running cables and whatnot.

Possibly, if you're moving your workplace you're going to be additionally springing for the latest in technology. In case you haven't upgraded your systems for a while, you'll be in for a happy surprise--that big area you required for all your old equipment has shrunk so much that you could merely need a small closet committed to the IT stuff.

Now's also a great time to assess your technological accessories--the equipment that protects you if something wrong happens. These include your power backups, surge protectors, fire extinguishers, and HVAC.


Should you be using the cloud and your employees can function remotely throughout the move, you may be equipped to keep going without having any online outages. If that is not your position, be sure that your moving magician has each of these details nailed down.

Your IT staff ought to have all the wiring and connections for workstations, printers, and phones tested and prepared for action when the new devices enters in the door. When you are obtaining new equipment, make sure everything is ready to enable them to plug it in when the workstations get delivered.

Handling All the Details

Your concierge deals with all the internal specifics and hands-off information when needed to the moving company, providers, and others that should be in the loop. This frees up the remainder of the staff to keep concentrating on their real tasks rather than pondering where exactly they may come across the files. It can also help morale to understand that there's one individual dealing with every little thing, and they also know where to go in order to dismiss the gossip that you are getting rid of the free coffee.

Simply speaking, when you have a plan and the right point person and office moving company in Little Rock utilizing that plan, your business move could be seamless and worry-free.


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