5 Common Misconceptions About Moving and Professional Movers in Little Rock

Moving to a new houseby Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to Little Rock is a massive project. It requires a great deal of arranging, work, and coordination to make it all run efficiently.

Needless to say, as with several industries, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the concept of moving - and also if you ought to use professional movers in Little Rock or not. Let's talk about 5 misguided beliefs and see how they stack up to actuality.

Misconception #1: All Moves are Disorganized

Some people hold the notion that a relocation is going to be a chaotic, unorganized affair no matter what. Maybe they can't stand the notion of cardboard containers aimlessly thrown about the home, or perhaps they don't have faith in their own organization capabilities.

Whatever the case may be, the truth is that your move may be orderly - for those who put forth a certain degree of effort. That means labeling your boxes, keep things in the same category together, and planning out what gets packed and loaded, and when. Professional movers in Little Rock can help you keep details tidy during the moving process with their many supplies as well as many years of experience.

Misconception #2: The Movers Will Ruin my Items

Many people getting ready to relocate are nervous that their moving company will break their things; and they are especially concerned with valuable possessions, delicate items, and treasured heirlooms.

The reality is a reliable, experienced, and professional moving company in Little Rock will treat your possessions with the greatest concern and consideration. Of course, you can do your part by pointing out delicate items to your moving crew ahead of time and giving your movers some guidance concerning which cartons to leave for you to take. Once you do your homework and make sure to use a trustworthy moving company, you will be able to be confident that your items will be in safe hands.

Misconception #3: Duct Tape/Masking Tape Functions as Effectively as Packing Tape

It is correct that duct tape is a good adhesive. However, duct tape along with other kinds of adhesive tape (like masking tape) are not specifically made to adhere to cardboard. In reality, some tape may start peeling moments following application.

In contrast, packing tape is made for use with cardboard, which means it's the best option for securing your cartons throughout a move. When you use the correct sort of tape during the packing process, you'll have assurance that your things will remain safe throughout transit.

Misconception #4: Friday is the Best Day to Move

The reasoning behind this concept is that you'll have the entire weekend to unpack prior to when you will need to go back to work. And it's correct, there are several advantages to moving on Friday.

The issue is, the majority of other people that happen to be moving think this way, as well. Meaning if you opt to move on Friday, you might end up having to pay a premium for moving help, especially if that Friday is during the summertime. It may be cheaper to pick an off-peak time for your move. Of course, no matter what day you wind up selecting, make sure you arrange your moving company as far in advance as is possible.

Misconception #5: All Moving Companies are the Same

This is not correct. Moving companies fluctuate drastically regarding rates, service quality, availability, as well as experience. Choosing inexperienced or corrupt movers will cost you big-time. However, if you work with a good moving company in Little Rock, not only your relocation ought to go without problems, but you may end up saving energy and money along the way.

Should you need help with your next move, contact the courteous and experienced experts at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Little Rock today. We'd be glad to assist you in your move!


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