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August 08, 2020

Packing 101: College Packing Tips From the Moving Company Pros

Moving to CollegeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

It is nearly time for college to begin, and moms and dads all over the place are about to depart on the most dreaded element of sending kids to college. Nope, we're not talking about having to pay college tuition - they get a great deal of assistance with that element. Student loan administrators, admissions advisors, and also personal finance pros can show them planning for each school expenditure ahead. The true stress at this stage is the process of packing and moving your baby into their college dormitory room! Where are all the professionals to help with that?

Your college dorm packing assistance is listed here. Take it from the packing and moving company professionals at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Little Rock; you've got this, moms and dads! Selecting new coordinating room furnishings and desk amenities is usually a lot of fun college bound kids and eager parents however fitting it all in position may not be so pleasant. It doesn't take a structural engineering major to pack for school, nevertheless listed below are a professional moving company’s guidelines to help you improve your child's limited dormitory room devoid of the hassle.

· The dorm area is going to be small and probably a shared room - So compose a list of the significant things that you'll require to begin with. You might want to get started with this list on your own prior to when you include your student. Let's face it, your daughter or son is more prone to leave behind toothpaste before they leave their Wireless speakers.

o Personal health - Start with a small plastic caddy with a handle. It is easy to keep your items separate from your roommate's, and it is effortless to pick up and go if you need to get in and out of a community bathroom. Make sure it is heavy duty. There are going to be plenty of excursions down the corridor over the following couple of years.

o Bedding - Twelve stuffed toys that consume your kid's bed at your house is simply not essential bedding. Focus on the bed sheets, blanket, and pillow/pillowcase. Be sure to consult with the college if specific sized sheets will be required. Throw pillows look fantastic the first day you arrange the room, however in a limited area environment they could be thrown to one side regularly. Keep the throw pillows to a minimum.

o School supplies - Let's not forget what your child is moving into a dormitory for. If possible, find out beforehand whether there is built-in storage within the desk area. You may need to pack some small desk organizers. Make sure you go vertical along with stacking compartments since workspace space is going to be minimal. You might want a smaller light fixture for the late-night studying when the roommate needs to sleep, but your student has to study late for a major examination. A clip-on clamp style mounting is helpful because it works extremely well at the desk along with other spots.

· Coordinate with your new roomie - You definitely will not have to have 2 mini refrigerators, 2 microwaves, and 2 TV sets. The top college move-in mistake - double dipping on appliances. Do not stress about choosing the perfectly matched appliances, only to find the roommate already has it in place. Keep in mind, there's minimal space in the college dorm, and limited electric outlets too. Speaking of limited outlets, be sure and add a surge protector or a couple to the list.

· Check with the college or university about items which you aren't able to have in your dorm - Certainly, this will instantly remove some dorm packing stress right from the start.

· Do not pack clothes for the whole year - Simply take what is necessary for the season or until the next time you'll be traveling home. Parents, they shall be back - sooner than you imagine. Closet and drawer space really are a premium in dorms, therefore just concentrate on one semester at a time. The hard part is ensuring the student brings home the clothes they will not need for the next season so there will be space available for the replacement apparel.

· Be certain and bring cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and masks - Taking into consideration the present Coronavirus state, a few extra safety measures are needed. It's easy to imagine your college student living in a bubble in your perfectly ordered dorm room. However this could not be any further from the reality. It's close quarters and things will likely be shared, thus having a means of cleaning them is vital.

OK, Mom and Dad, you've got this. Break it down to necessities and organize as far as possible together with the roommate and school dorm officials. You have given an education for your child that has prepared him or her for a prosperous college career. So now avoid getting schooled by over packing for your student's college dormitory! There is always additional moving and packing advice found at the A-1 Freeman Moving Group website. Be sure and check it out.


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