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May 17, 2019

Mapping Your Move to Little Rock--A Tech-Free (Mostly) Road Trip

Road tripBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Ahh, the beauty of the open road. Thoughts of road-tripping across the country, sightseeing, finding a great hometown restaurant--all the delightful visions of driving Route 66 vanish in a hurry if your truth is shepherding the children along with a furry friend to your new house. Arranging a drive which keeps everyone on an even keel may not be at the top of your to-do list right at this point however take a couple of minutes to pre-plan your travel methodology plus your path--it's completely worth it.

If your moving company has packed and loaded all your things, and a multi-day trip is standing between you and your new house in Little Rock, the dread regarding the journey is authentic. And it appears like the most convenient course of action is to stock up on USB chargers to ensure everybody is continually busy, and you will be able to have some solace and NPR. That is the easy approach, but who said life was meant to be easy? Get some road maps, activities, coloring books, crayons, and fill up your phone with road songs--this is seen as a generation which has grown up on "Baby Shark" and has to learn "John Jacob Jingleheimerwhatever".

Organizing Your Route to Little Rock

Get authentic paper road maps for the children and show them how to look at the symbols and pick out the rivers, highways, state borders, etc. Have them locate enjoyable things to do--"sight-seeing opportunities"--along the way and let everyone choose one particular tourist trap along the route, or one every day you're on your way. In case you are traveling with family pets, here is the possibility to get them out and exercising a little through the day.

Car Activities

Young ones today. They are so involved with Snapchat and YouTube they have missed the joys of car games. If you cannot recollect any, or you disliked them as a kid and didn't pay attention, try these. All you need is your creativeness for these kinds of classic favorites. You and your spouse get to begin each of the games until there is complete buy-in.

· Name Game--list a name. The subsequent person needs to come up with a name whose first letter is the final letter of your name--George--Ellen--Nathaniel. You may make your very own guidelines relating to nicknames and diminutives, dependant upon your youngsters' ages and all round inclination for hand to hand struggles. Proper names, locations, vehicles--everything goes here.

· Punch Buggy--have fun with this one while you can, considering that VW is ending manufacturing on the Bug. If you notice one, you holler the color and also punch buggy--"blue punch buggy" and then--quickly say--"no punch backs". The winner subsequently gets to GENTLY poke siblings in the arm--with zero retaliatory punch backs.

· Grandma Went to London--there are lots of titles for this activity, nonetheless basically, you start out with "Grandma went to London and she packed ......" The subsequent person says exactly the same thing and adds another item, and so forth. It is simpler to proceed alphabetically so you can get beyond the third round.

· I Spy--straightforward enough, just one rule. The item you spy needs to be in the vehicle.

· My Cows--or billboards, or bridges. Choose the item, and the individual who notices it first gets the points. If you are heading through a non-urban area and see actual livestock, be sure you count quickly.

Sing Songs

Put family-friendly, enjoyable to sing songs on your gadget, and teach the children the pleasure of the previously mentioned John Jacob. Let them instruct you on tunes they've learned, as well--but one Baby Shark per drive. Or Mommy's going to London with an bare suitcase.


Long times in the vehicle are exhausting, and nobody wants to be continuously entertained. Tune in to audiobooks--select books you happen to be all acquainted with, thus if somebody dozes off they don't miss something. Nothing can beat Harry Potter for road trip listening.

Avoid being the mean mother and father and block all their technology but do make an effort to minimize it by offering other suggestions to do. An excessive amount of screen time can make us all a tad dialed out and touchy, and this is not the time to encourage the grouchies. Quickly enough, the professional movers in Little Rock will likely be unloading the truck and you'll be in the midst of unpacking your new residence. The kids can escape to their new bedrooms and not be seen again. Use this time to force some old-school entertainment on them--years from now, these are going to be happy remembrances.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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