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June 01, 2020

After Moving Day: Don't Get Boxed In!

Moving BoxesBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Irrespective of how many cartons you plead, are lent, come across, buy, or scrounge for your important move, it never seems like ample. Yet when you unpack everything and make your new place appear and feel like home, you may have far too many cartons on your hands (and your floor as well as on your driveway) to deal with.

Saving the earth by keeping all those cartons away from the dump is advisable for everyone. But over and above good wishes, what sensible and good uses do your cardboard moving cartons possess? As a professional moving company in Little Rock, we see lots of boxes annually and have a few ideas on what can be done with yours after your move has finished.

You've arrived, now say so long: eight better uses for your moving cartons


A lot of substantial cities and towns offer recycling programs, in which cardboard along with other recyclable materials are picked up from your curb once a week. Some smaller residential areas have a recycling center, where by citizens bring the materials to be broken down, prepared and transformed for different uses. Contact your new location's town hall for their recycling program, pick up days, and protocols on carton preparation (most programs ask that cartons are flattened, and any metal clips and wires gotten rid of) and what components can and cannot be thrown away. As well as, many moving companies offer carton recycling, so check with your professional residential mover in Little Rock, too.

Nest, pile, and store

If your job means you transfer a lot, you may think about retaining at least a handful of the cartons for your next move. Purchasing cartons again and again just isn't as cost-effective as reusing them. If you send holiday presents to faraway family and friends, the strong moving box is ideal for sending your gifts safely and securely.

Sell or give them away

If you have a buddy who may be moving, give a few boxes. It could protect you from getting that call which starts out, "Hey, we are moving, and we need some assistance moving the living room furniture. Could you possibly..." Since you've offered the boxes; your work here is already done. No pals moving out of town? Some nonprofits are frequently needing boxes for their incoming and outbound donations and also storage.

Make a trade, meet new folks

Somebody within your new community is transferring someplace, and they need to have cartons. You've just moved in, and there's at least a dozen things you know you'll need. Post on the area's community Freecycle site, or Facebook Buy/Sell groups. Complete the deal safely: meet carefully in a open public spot any time exchanging things and/or funds, and everybody will go home content.

Cover up when you work around the new house

If you plan to paint, hang wallpaper, drill holes, sandpaper a ceiling, remove molding, hang a light fixture or carry out any kind of untidy work in your new home, cut up moving boxes work wonders for covering up your floors, home furniture and other areas you want to keep clean.

Keep a carton or two for the children

Children's imaginations are usually endless when it comes to cartons. They could really like their mobile phones, video games, and computers, but most have not lost the ordinary satisfaction present in creating box forts, race cars, spaceships, as well as other "ultra" constructions from cardboard. Give over some markers and scissors together with the boxes, and it is astounding how much fun several cartons still offer.

Boxes make great pet beds

For cats and dogs, you need to line the box with non-toxic bedding and cover the sides of the box, so the furry friend won't gnaw on the cardboard. It is a easy, safe pet bed which still contains the scent of your previous home whilst introducing Fido or Fluffy to your new residence.

Good gardening along with cardboard

Because cardboard makes good garden compost, it is the ideal material to begin the garden you've always wished for. Blended with water and also other compostable substances, like dead leaves, hay, straw, fruit and vegetable peels, as well as grass clippings, it offers nutrients for your plantings whilst holding moisture within the soil. And if the green thumb you might have is brought on by something besides an affection of working outdoors, you can give your cardboard boxes to the nearby garden shop or composting center.


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The Mickelson Family
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Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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