Sidestep These Moving Disasters in 2020: Part 2

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to Little Rock really doesn't have to be nerve-racking and take you to the fringe of an anxiety attack. This isn't to say it's really a moment of Zen in your life, however with some planning and more backup arranging, your move will be positive, and you'll stay sane.

Below are some additional moving disasters which takes all the fun away from your move, and the way to prevent them.

Hire A Trustworthy Moving Company Now

The instant you know your new address, start finding moving companies. This isn't the time to cheap out by using 1 or 2 lads along with a run down truck--splurge on a professional mover in Little Rock. They'll provide you with the following, and you can now cross these chores off your checklist.

· Well-maintained equipment--moving trucks that go through normal service (check-ups, tire rotation, brake checks) and are completely road-worthy

· Professional teams who have learned how to wrap, load, set home furniture inside a moving van, and reverse the process at your new home.

· An insured crew and equipment--in the event that a mover gets hurt, the moving company in Little Rock handles their medical costs

· Professional packing should you be just overloaded. If you want a few specialty items packed or crated, they can take care of that for you, so you can be assured your valuables will arrive in one piece.

· Ask for a checklist of the things they are unable to by law move--chemicals, plants, and paint are on the list, to name a few. You don't want to discover at the last minute that your precious bonsai plant must remain behind.

· Expect a binding agreement with an itemized estimation.

· Be sure your mover holds a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) license.

Employ the Crew, As Well

All your pals say, of course, they will help you load the moving truck. Which is wonderful--if you are moving locally and they can help you unload, as well. Plus, if you're ready to chance injury, scheduling issues, and other slight challenges to your moving day.

Hiring professional movers in Little Rock guarantees a team who gets there promptly, understands what they are doing, can drive the moving truck, and you're able to rely on to move your belongings safely and securely. They'll additionally unload all your stuff and place it in your new house--and that is worth the price.

Move That Which You Cherish and Actually Use

The "if-you-haven't-worn-it-in-six-months-get-rid-of-it" guideline genuinely is applicable if you are moving. Take into account that each and every box you pack and move has got some cost linked to it, and that adds up quick if you are looking at hundreds of boxes. Get rid of old linens, kitchen gadgets, toys, home furniture--everything which you don't use, do not like, or don't need.

There Is A Blizzard Coming--or a Cyclone

One thing even the most prepared in our midst can't regulate is the weather condition. Look at the forecast and have a Plan B in case you're trapped in bad rain, snow, or gusts of wind. Work with the moving company in Little Rock a few days before hand if it looks risky to pack up and drive and reschedule if you must. Should you be moving a long distance, book hotel accommodations as you go along. Your real estate agent will understand if you're unable to be out of the house on schedule; lousy weather has an effect on everybody, so the new people will not be able to get there either. Don't attempt to beat the weather system--they always win. Moving companies will not risk their workers or equipment in dangerous weather; the good news is that it normally goes by in a day or two.

Place the Pets in Daycare

Your pets know if you are anxious, add to that the disappearing belongings and they can truly get upset. Board your household pets the day before the movers arrive and pick them up on your way out of town. Pack their beds, food, water, and playthings for the trip and make them your final duty.

Now buckle up, calm down, and enjoy a disaster-free trip to your new house.


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