Moving Out: Tips to Get Back Your Entire Security Deposit

Moving OutBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving out of a rental is truly one of those situations that almost everyone is experienced with. Most of us, whenever moving out of a rental residence or apartment, are relying on the security deposit for helping cover the costs of the move. That is a month if not more worth of rent that could be used as a down payment for the new residence, to replenish your drained bank account, or to purchase home furnishings and also supplies you may need subsequent to moving. So to obtain that deposit back, you'll need the property manager to have no justifications to be able to make reductions.

Today, that's exactly precisely what we're here to talk about. If you want to get 100% of your security deposit back when you move in Little Rock this occassion, here's the plan which is effective for every experienced tenant.

Clear Areas While Packing

It is a common misconception that you can only start fixing up a residence once all your items is moved out. Yet this is how you find yourself running yourself up to the deadline with no time to clean or do fixes. You need to get started at the time you start packing.

Commence with low-priority areas and places like the extra bedroom or your closet. When you pack, thoroughly clear every place, putting all cartons in one corner or possibly a portion of the living room. The more you box up, the more of your house will be empty and thus easy to scrutinize. This can be the best way to ensure you notice all concerns when you still have time to repair them.

Examine Everywhere for Indications of Damage

Do not ever assume that since you haven't observed any harm to the house or dwelling that the property owner will not locate any. There are tons of minimal issues that your eyes just don't concentrate on which your landlord could zero in on like a bloodhound. Scratches on your wall, spots in the carpet, nail holes, and also loose fixtures may possibly be reductions on your security deposit if your landlord discovers and pays to fix them.

However, not if you discover them to begin with. Get on your home inspector hat and check out the house using a fine-tooth brush. Examine each wall for damages, every last baseboard, each individual door and also cabinet. It's fine to exit the residence better than you found it to ensure there is nothing that can reduce your security deposit when you move out.

Take an inventory of the things you notice as well as the supplies you need to accomplish fixes.

Plug Nail Holes and Trivial Fixes

Next, accomplish the maintenance tasks. Don't just notice that they need accomplishing. Nail holes will be a concern for many landlords and in case you put anything up from art to drapes, you should fill them back in. Some putty or spackle will do the job and if your walls are white-colored, you will possibly not even need a paint touch-up.

Take care of additional trivial maintenance tasks as well. The great thing is that you may order affordable repair kits for nearly anything over the internet. From scrapes in the wood floors to broken cupboard doors. Oh, and think about reserving a steam cleaner for a day to spruce up the flooring. If there's any areas which are particularly stubborn, consider using a baking soda solution and using a nail brush in circles across the spot or sticky area.

Move Furniture by using Foot Pads and Blankets

When moving your pieces of furniture out, the very last thing you need to do is leave behind any further dings. Moving big furniture can be challenging and there is invariably a chance of scuffing a wall or door frame whilst trying to get by. And, if you don't totally pick up the furniture, you need to keep floor surfaces safe from marks and scratches.

Fortunately, this answer is relatively easy: Blankets as well as foot padding. Regarding pieces of furniture that you plan to slide a part of the way, make certain it's got felt foot pads attached on or, in a crunch, pieces of fabric anchored using rubber bands around the feet. As for corners and also door frames, all you should do is encapsulate the edges of your home furnishings in towels or even blankets to avoid a scrape.

Never Leave Things Behind in Little Rock

Forgotten things are one of the most general reasons for security deposit controversies. Never leave a stack of items that did not fit into the car. If you do, the landlord is A) obligated to verify and see if you need it and B) is saddled with the costs for clearing it out.

Although they could very well pitch or give away the items, most likely your property manager will pay for a junk service to come get it and then charge the cost to your security deposit. To prevent this, spend some time to clear absolutely all your own items out of the house before departure.

Get Pictures of Everything

Moving tip take picturesThe majority of landlords are good private property owners simply turning their properties into a friendly kind of profit. However a few really are looking for any manner to get additional cash from tenants.

In these infrequent scenarios, property owners have actually been known to assert problems that weren't there or even create and photograph the issues themselves after a renter leaves. All purely to take some or all of their security deposit. Therefore, just like a renting pro, the best option is to take pictures of your own right before you hand over the keys.

And so, on your final day once the house is fully bare, have a comprehensive photo-snapping excursion of the property. Incorporating either side of every last door and also the insides of closets and even cabinets. Be positive that the house was in exceptional order at the time you left just in case any kind of accusations appear in the future concerning 'damage' you did not bring about.

Give Over the Key Correctly

Certain landlords are particularly choosy pertaining to giving back the keys, and some might not be. Especially if you mistakenly take a key with you when you move out.

Property owners who are particular concerning keys may also be inclined to bill you for a new key or perhaps for the price of changing the locks. This would be a pointless purpose to lose some of your security deposit, so ensure you give the key over exactly the way the landlord wants.

Provide a Forwarding Address

Lastly, remember to provide your property manager a forwarding address. This is the formal way they'll get hold of you to send the security deposit along with their list of infractions if and when they actually do somehow locate something wrong with the house or apartment you recently moved from.

Consequently always, always, always provide your property owner a forwarding address to help you get the deposit and take care of any documentation in the event they try to pull a stunt to keep some of your cash.


Most property managers really are entirely practical, nice individuals who wish to give your security deposit back in full. Making use of these tactics, it is possible to move out of your rental leaving it in exceptional condition, and you will notice that deposit perfectly back in your bank account in no time. And, if your landlord does consider a little bit of shenanigans, then you know that the house was in excellent shape and can contest effectively using photos to show it.

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