Moving in Together: Tips to Combine Two Households

Moving in togetherBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Choosing to move in together is a huge step. It can be one which really should not be taken flippantly (or done without a lot of thought). Each party have to sit down to discuss everything in advance of when they take the step. Being a professional moving company in Little Rock, we understand that despite having a plan, it's not simple to mix two households into one.

Follow this advice to help you both prepare for the next phase.

Make sure that this is the proper time. Alas, there's no timeline that says when the right time is for a couple to move in together. It will be based on how both sides are feeling. Both of you should be on a similar page prior to when you join your houses.

Figure out where you would like to live. Though it may be easier to move into one person's residence, for many couples, it is best to start over in a new location. That way, it'll always seem like home to each of you, instead of his (or her) apartment.

Should you opt to move into one person's home, will the other individual be comfortable enough to make changes? When anyone moves into the other person's abode, they might want to make it feel more like their place by bringing in their own pieces of furniture and moving several things around to generate room for their things. The other person must be able to compromise and allow the other one to make these changes so both persons are happy in their new house.

Take your time when sorting through your belongings. When combining two households, you will have sufficient things for the new (or existing house). You are maybe going to have two beds, a couple of couches, and lots of blankets. You will likely both have bathroom and kitchen pieces.

You simply won't require double of the things in your new place, which means you are going to need to plod through everything to figure out what you're going to keep and what you intend to sell or give away. Some sentimental items should remain nevertheless you may wrestle to decide what pieces of furniture you should keep. You may have to make that call depending on which is in better condition or the one that may integrate into your house better.

Do not be afraid to look into storage. If you are truly struggling to decide what to keep and get rid of, you might want to lease a storage area for now. This may also be of assistance if you plan on moving into a larger house in the longer term. You could need the extra bed for visitors when you are wanting to buy your next home. You might want to keep some of your sentimental things in storage until you have your man cave or she shack.

Talk about finances early. It is essential to talk about finances prior to deciding to move in together. You may want to use a joint checking account so you can team up to cover the bills.

Then again, it might be more effective if you split up the bills, letting one person maintain the rent, while the other handles the electricity, water, and other bills. Both of you have to be at ease with how you are going to pay your expenses before you take the next step.

Prior to deciding to move in together, you'll want to sit down and really examine it. You need to make certain that it is the best time for both of you. You also have to figure out if you are going to live in one person's home or begin fresh with your new residence. Then, you need to go through your stuff. Locate a moving company in Little Rock to help and rent a storage locker in case you are struggling with which stuff to keep.

At A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Little Rock, we know how hard moving is generally and we want to make this change easier for you. Whether you're moving locally or someplace completely brand new, let us perform the hard work. We'd be happy to ensure that everything that you opt to move makes it to your new residence in fantastic condition.


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