Moving Blankets are a Must Have on Moving Day

packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

When you plan to move, the majority of people establish a date, call a moving company in Little Rock, and purchase moving materials. Boxes, tape, and also packing paper are often near the top of the list, succeeded by a roll of bubble wrap which the children will attempt to take away to hop on. Even though these types of must-have materials are essential, making sure you have got moving blankets accessible will in addition allow your moving day to proceed efficiently.

Moving blankets are considered the key to making sure your beds, bookcases, as well as the treasured bronze statue of your cat, Morris, turn up securely at their new residence. Think about them being the friends which go the extra mile together with your household furniture, keeping your belongings shielded from the damage that commonly occurs on moving day. Your neighborhood moving company in Little Rock can work out how many blankets you need to protect your large things.

When Do I Need To Use Moving Blankets?

Professional movers in Little Rock make use of moving blankets with each and every moving job, and you ought to too. Use moving blankets to wrap your most expensive belongings and keep them safe, secure, and clean while they are being moved. As these padded cloths are designed to absorb shock, moving blankets can stop your favorite coffee table or dining room chairs from becoming damaged during transit.

Moving blankets can also be used to protect your corners, banisters, and doorways during the move. Cover damage-prone locations in your home with moving blankets to offer a level of protection as furniture along with other things are being moved.

How Should I Make use of Them?

Furniture blankets are generally 6 to 7 feet each side and include a number of layers of filler materials (cotton, polyester, and nylon) sewn together just like a bedspread. Moving blankets are usually two-sided, usually having a lighter-colored side along with a darker side. Use the lighter side of the blanket to cover your items which require extra protection during the move. The darker side needs to face out.

When traveling a decent distance, insert additional moving blankets inside the spaces between cartons and furniture to prevent moving of items within the truck. For added safeguards, put plastic over your belongings if it is raining during your move, because moving blankets aren't waterproof.

Are Moving Blankets Worth It?

Absolutely. They are a simple, inexpensive way to ready your things to be moved. Moving blankets are the ideal item to have on moving day for two factors:

· They not merely protect your vintage kitchen tables from becoming banged up with dings, but they make sure your floral vases, glass slippers, and lamps arrive at your storage unit or at your new house in one piece.

· Moving blankets keep your nightstands free from dirt, dust, and debris, and reduces the possibility of your mirrors shattering during the move, preventing you against having 7 years of misfortune.

Moving day doesn't have to be hectic. Get in touch today to make sure your move is organized and also stress-free. Our professional movers in Little Rock are skilled, patient, and proficient, and are equipped to help you with your local or cross-country moving job.


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