Choosing the Right Size Home in Little Rock

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Being a professional moving company in Little Rock, we move people into all sizes of residences daily. And in addition, we recognize that you will find a deep cultural impression that successful people have substantial houses - the bigger the better. Many people dream of a sprawling estate with lots of guest bedrooms and perhaps a game room, Olympic pool, and an extensive garden as well.

This particular cultural ideal generally brings us to look for a home which is "larger" compared to our previous residence. More bedrooms, bigger spaces, extra qualities. This can make sense when you find yourself moving out of your roommate status to a solo apartment, from the apartment into a starter home, along with from that starter home to a more spacious 3-4 bedroom. But after that? It's time to ask yourself who will be using the extra room - along with who's going to be cleaning it.

A Practical Look at the Bigger-Home Mindset

A home ought to reflect the needs of the inhabitants, and the use they put to the home itself. For example, celebrities have to have those venue-sized mansions to host their numerous public happenings with hundreds - sometimes thousands of guests. Your residence probably has other uses. It might be your personal studio; it may be home-base to a hive of flourishing kids.

At some point, a home is too large for what you can or even want to use. The bigger-house thinking only works out until you reach your perfect home size and up-sizing too rapidly may cause its own challenges. Exactly how do you choose a residence which seems lavish however is not too big for you and the family?

Identifying Your Perfect-Sized Home

- Family Bedrooms Plus One

What number of bedrooms might your dream-home have? If you aren't a celebrity or the head of a large family, you most likely merely will need sufficient bedrooms for the occupants and maybe a single extra. Having one guest bedroom is fantastic for versatility and, of course, visitors. A single guest bedroom is not difficult to keep up without including a complete additional wing to the residence. If you tend to have more visitors, consider also developing one of the areas with a fold-out sofa or perhaps including bunk or roll-out beds to a bedroom layout.

- All the Steps You Can Ascend

Sweeping stairways and multi-story houses may well look elegant, but they are not necessarily practical. If you (or any other family members) aren't so great on stairs or fatigue easily, then consider a practical one-story home, apartment, or condominium instead. It's more important that the residence be comfortable than that it be tall.

- Sensible Living Expenses

At times our eyes are bigger than our stomachs or, in the case of residences, our wallets. The drive for a larger sized house can sometimes result in unexpectedly increased expenditures. The expense of warming or cooling down a larger home, for instance, might be hundreds extra due to the extra square feet of air to fill. Buying a larger property will also mean increased property taxes. Take into consideration that you could be spending your income on more active entertainment in comparison with sheer square feet or rarely used rooms.

- Decorating a Considerably Larger Home

Up-sizing in a short time can also result in another unanticipated expense: household furniture. We rarely fully grasp how vacant a sizable home might be when we do not have the pieces of furniture to be able to fill it or exactly how costly new home furnishings might be if obtained at one time. If you need a house significantly bigger than your present place, make sure you plan for pieces of furniture.

- Energy vs Budget for Home Maintenance

Last but not least, consider your own capability and motivation to maintain a large home. The more area, including outdoor terrace along with landscaping space, will take work to clean. How much time do you possess? How much energy? How much real motivation to commit hours every month cleaning the house, doing modest fixes, and manicuring the lawn? An ideal house for you is one which is carefree to upkeep as it is the ideal size for your lifestyle, stamina, and desire to clean.

- Invest in Luxury Instead of Space

Do not be hesitant to indulge. If you want a residence that makes you feel fruitful, look at deluxe items or accessories instead. Reward yourself by splurging on a whirlpool spa, an entertainer kitchen, or maybe a well-equipped den. Pick a location with a great area for your home office or maybe hold out for a skylight because that is your dream. If you have excess budget to spend on your next home - make it ideal for you rather than just larger than the last.


Is larger always better in terms of an enjoyable home? Only up to a point. You need sufficient room to feel spacious, but not enough to get lost in or overwhelmed by the property. You want a place that feels like home but additionally allows you to feel successful. Happy house shopping, and when you locate the next fantastic home, give your local professional movers at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Little Rock a call.


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