6 Tips for Moving with Pets: A Guide from Professional Movers in Little Rock

moving with petsBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving is generally a stress filled encounter, not merely for humans but also for household pets. For your furry members of the family, moving from one setting to another may be hectic given it entails adapting to a brand new place without truly knowing what is going on. So, how does one help make your pets comfortable through the moving time period?
Regardless of whether you're moving down the street or out of the state, adequate preparation is necessary to make sure your furry friends have a comfortable and less sensitive switch to their new setting.
Below are a few tips from professional movers in Little Rock:

Get your pet used to packing supplies 

One method to prepare your household pets for moving is to include them in the packing process. Instead of locking them in a room when you organize items in the residence, let them play with the boxes and satisfy their curiosity. Keep in mind that if they don't do this, they are certain to feel nervous, which could lead to stress-related behavior such as barking, hyperactivity, along with jumping.

Familiarizing your furry friends with the moving supplies (including the kinds your moving company in Little Rock will use) also helps to reduce interferences and resistance, making the shift easy and stress-free.

Avoid changing your routine

Modifying your routine if you are busy with packing and organizing could result in anxiousness for your pets, consequently making the moving process much more stressful. It is best to keep their routine (as well as your own) the same, including feeding time, taking walks and playtime, and even baths.

Remember the fact that moving will be stressful for your family pets too. It is consequently significant that you demonstrate a little extra love and patience through the entire period.

Contact your veterinarian

In the event that moving out of your present area, you will need to see your vet, and there are multiple factors why this will be significant:

· To make certain vaccines are up to date

· Acquire necessary medications in order to avoid making emergency visits to the vet

· Receive expert suggestions about how you can lessen tension and relieve anxiety

· Ask for a recommendation for a new vet within your new community

· Get a copy of your pet’s vet records to take with you

Take the family pet in your vehicle

There are certainly safe ways to have your pets in the vehicle as your other things get transferred in professional movers' trucks. With regard to small dogs and cats, put them in a carrier and secure it with a safety belt. For large pets, such as a bigger dog, place them in a crate in the rear of the car.

Don't allow your furry friend out

Refrain from opening the crate until you are inside your residence. Permit them to explore their new home and keep an eye on them diligently when first letting them out into your securely fenced yard. Or take them out using a leash or harness if you don’t have a secure fence or aren’t sure if there might be spots where your pet may get out of your yard.

Keep them secluded

Keep your family pets secluded whenever possible before the residence is all set up, and all is where it is intended to be. As soon as they see familiar things like pieces of furniture, they are less inclined to panic. In the meantime, allow them study the area at their own tempo. In addition, allow them to have toys and blankets they are accustomed to to make them feel at home. It's not going to require much time until they are fully adjusted to their new place.


Like human beings, family pets possess a unique personality and thus react in different ways to moving. And because you know your pet best, you understand how to make their transition to Little Rock as easy as possible.


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