Six Approaches to Keep the Staff Motivated For Your Office Move to Little Rock

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Office MovingAt some stage in the life cycle of your business you are likely to move your office. A commercial relocation is often as stressful for you and your personnel as a household goods move, only much more for you since you are accountable for your crew's well-being, too. Below are 6 strategies to keep your team focused and involved during your office move to Little Rock.

Open Discussion

Be as honest and transparent as possible with your personnel. Make them aware of the reasons for the move--expansion, less costly office space, or perhaps the need to be nearer to infrastructure including railways or airports--and more importantly, make the move public as early as possible. In case your move is caused by downsizing, assure your remaining workers that the move is part of a constructive restructuring. Distribute a pre-move schedule that includes crucial dates--any project deadlines, the days you'll be moving, the times that you will be packing and loading. The greater information you present, the better your crew will be able to deal with their assignments through to the move date. In the event that something changes in your schedule, spread the word.

Ask for Input

Once you have chosen to make a move, accumulate feedback from your team--a wish list, if you will--about the area and the kind of work place they'd like. As much as possible, involve your employees in the decision making--these are the people who got you where you are, hence their feedback and ideas ought to matter.

Deal with Commute Times, Transportation, and Parking

Each business is unique, however there are some constants in general for instance--everybody needs to commute to the office. If you are in a small community, a move is not such a big deal regarding items like parking garages, public transit, and traffic patterns as they normally aren't a concern. If those are factors to your employees, you should contemplate how they effect their potential to get to and from the office in a sensible time, and how and where they park if you're in an metropolitan location where parking is at limited. Map out everybody's new travel and time, and if you can, offer to assist with transit fare or parking charges. Be receptive to flexible hours or work-from-home days for any staff that face prolonged commute times.

Provide Information on Day Care in Little Rock

Research day care and after school care around the new office and offer to help pay any application charges for associates who will need to make a change in day care.

Determine Requirements, However Have Fun

It's easy to get ensnared in the anxiety and adrenaline rush--to the point that very little work is done in the days preceeding the office move to Little Rock. Particularly if your move is long-distance, it's simple to overlook the jobs at hand when you are looking for a new place to live and trying to sell your old residence and researching school districts and uprooting families. There'll be confusion and chaos, that being said grant your team some flexibility--but be prepared to gently steer any strays back on the right track should they begin to slip.

Human nature being what it is, you might have a tad of low spirits and nervousness within the days getting close to the move. Again, if the move is interstate this is likely to be a lot more noticeable, so present prizes for keeping on target and productive. Organize packing gatherings or get-togethers for families on the weekends.

Supply an Information Folder on Little Rock

Even in this online age, an information packet is an excellent thing to get. The detail of the folder depends on the scale of the move--if it is local then you probably wouldn't have to analyze school districts and neighborhoods. For a transfer which involves moving residences in addition to the business, there will be the items you will need to cover, for example: local communities, schools, daycare, places of worship, hospitals/health care, local retail stores (supermarket, pharmacy, shopping), restaurants, veterinarians, fitness centers and after school programs.

Like any move, a commercial relocation to Little Rock will likely be stressful. By using these simple tips, you can ease some of that worry and make certain it is a favorable experience that leads to higher staff retention, so that you can hit the ground in good shape the initial working day in the new workspace.

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