Moving--It's A Family Affair

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving is definitely a family event. However, just because you're the adult does not mean you should do all the preparing and packing by yourself. Even if you're hiring a professional moving company in Little Rock, everybody in the household has a job to perform when you're moving. Explain that you don't expect them to load the moving van, however that there are lots of options they can pitch in and help--here are a few age-appropriate options they can do exactly that.

Small Children

Toddlers and also preschoolers usually are not a great deal of help, but they're so perfectly entertained by empty cartons, rolls of tape, as well as bubble wrap that you really do not mind. Provide a four-year-old free rein with packing materials and you can now plow through their stuff prior to them getting bored and begin eating the packing peanuts. Seriously, give your youngest ones a box and some tape and go to work. Ask them which toys and games they would like to present to buddies or share with other kids they do not know--it's a small thing that enables them to feel like they have a little say in the proceedings.

Elementary Age

If you have children in this age category, they're in the sweet place--old enough to be helpful, but not so old that they have strong opinions. Here are several duties a 3rd grader can easily accomplish.

· Look through their stuff and select what to keep.

· Put cartons together, prepare packing supplies, put color-coded labels on cartons.

· Put giveaway things in bags or cartons.

· Help clean out closets as well as shelves to prepare for the professional movers.

This is an excellent age range to talk about giving gently used toys and games to charitable groups, and to talk about the reason why you select the ones you do. In the event the non-profit you select posesses a thrift store, bring your kids in and let them observe what it looks like.

Junior High School

Pre-teens and also teens are hypothetically capable of truly pitching in, however it could take a bit of imagination to make that happen. These children are leaving buddies, sports, and school, and might be more interested in small-time sabotage compared to really entering into the swing and cleaning out the storage area. If you need to turn to bribery to get them on board, it is sort of a modest price to invest.

· Offer to let them to pick the paint and furniture for their new bedrooms.

· Get their feedback on what they will really like to have in a new home. Clearly, they should be reasonable, but inform them their feelings make a difference. Find out about yards (trees, playhouses, room for a swimming pool), basements, recreation rooms, and other items that could be on their wish lists. If you look at houses online, show them what you like as well as what you do not--and talk about the reason why.

· Advertise old belongings and divide the earnings. Try several selling sites to determine which ones are the most effective. A good number of websites require that sellers be 18 years of age, thus you will have to set the accounts up and handle the listings, however your teens can take the pictures, upload them, and prepare the descriptions.

· Go the garage sale direction and allow them to arrange the tables and put price tags on items.

High School and College

These are the tricky years--it is tough to move at any age, however it is extremely tough for high schoolers. The great thing is that even though they may be quite upset, they're old enough to accomplish a little heavy lifting whilst they sulk. Here are a few items your teens can do to pitch in.

· Help with disassembling home furnishings.

· Smile and let them embellish their rooms precisely like they desire. They are leaving soon enough, and you may definitely repaint.

· Go up in the attic and carry things down--teenagers are far more nimble when compared with their mother and father (and the majority of professional movers will not go into the attic).

· Drive loads of stuff to the second hand outlets or the garbage dump. Pay for their gasoline and junk food in the process.

· Organize journeys back to see close friends or go ahead and arrange for pals to come visit.

· Let them to sell their own items on the internet should they be more than 18 years old and keep the proceeds.

· If you do a garage sale, let them manage the money and the internet sales.

Be truthful--if you've got children attending college, it may be totally possible that you've previously turned that bedroom into an exercise room or even an office. Whenever your college students are home on a break prior to when you move, make sure they go through all their old boxes of stuff--you are going to still need to move them, however maybe they'll clear away enough to minimize on the amount.

As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” We feel this applies perfectly to moving. Get the whole family involved and quicker than quick, you will be on your way to your new house. If you need assistance any step of the way, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Little Rock a call!!


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