Getting Your Documents Together for a Move to Little Rock

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Documents for MovingMoving either close by or a fair distance requires a great deal of coordination as well as organization, and many people don't round up the correct paperwork in advance. The following is a brief resource guide for the various important documents that you'll need regardless of whether moving local or setting up a long-distance move to Little Rock.

Truth be told, it isn't as if you need to have a passport and a work visa to move across the state line, although after you've gathered all of your life papers together to go over the border those are close to the only important documents you don't need. And how our brains function, you might be ready to need all this paperwork for a cross-country move, but if your move is geographically nearby--from Memphis just beyond the river into a Mississippi or Arkansas suburb, as an illustration, it may come as a jolt that you'll require all of the records.

Read on for the files you'll most likely need to keep on hand when moving, and how to acquire them when they have expired or you've lost them.

Driver's License

Even though driver's licenses will not be good for federal identification much longer, you'll still need a active one--you need to have it in any case, however if it expired a few weeks or maybe a few months ago and you thought as you are moving why bother, go take the time. When you have to register at the airport, rent a vehicle, open a bank account, or conduct life generally, you need to have an up-to-date license to do this. If you are in a state where you can't get a driver's license through the local Tag Agency same day, ask for a paper back up of your new license to utilize in front of the printed version coming in the mailbox; that is acceptable identification for a period of around three weeks.


If you are moving for a new position, the probability is pretty good that you will have to verify US citizenship prior to getting started. It is possible to renew it by mail should you meet specified factors--your name hasn't changed, your last one was issued no more than fifteen years in the past, you were a minimum of sixteen at that time, along with others--however if not, you will need to make application for a new one in person. You can ask for an expedited passport if necessary however be prepared to pay an extra $60 or so.

Birth Certificate(s)

You'll need a copy for everybody in your household for your move to Little Rock. If you can't place your hands upon the originals and you are now living in the area or parish in which they were distributed, an easy journey to the county offices will handle it. If you had been born anywhere else, request the reproduction via that area. Every location is different, so consider an online investigation for the county records where you were born to obtain the exact instructions to get a certified copy of your certificate of a birth. There is usually a moderate charge involved.

Marriage License

Should you need a copy, observe the very same procedure you would with the birth certificate. A family Bible or certificate from your church isn't a sufficient legal document.

Social Security Card(s)

Everyone in your household needs to have a social security number and a card; if you can't place your hands on the cards you will need to obtain replacements as soon as possible. You can begin the task online, and mail in the supporting records, or you can actually proceed to the nearest Social Security Administration office with your paperwork. Copies--even notarized ones--won't be adequate. You need to have photo identification as well as evidence of citizenship, therefore bring a current driver's license or passport, school, employee, or armed forces identification card, or a medical health insurance card.

Auto Registration

You are going to have to register your cars in the new city and state, consequently take the current registration cards and evidence of insurance coverage to the nearby BMV straight away following your move to Little Rock. Within a different state you will get a new license plate and tag; if your move was within the same state your current license plate and tag are good, however your insurance premiums could possibly change.

Health and Immunization Records

If you've got young ones, their new schools will need proof of immunization prior to registration. Having replications of all family healthcare files helps when you've got initial visits with new doctors.

Get all of your files together as rapidly as you can ahead of your move to Little Rock and keep them together. Considering that you may need original copies of the majority of items, just place all the things in a file folder and keep it in hand or in a safe place during the actual move--this is something you don't want to misplace.

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