Don't Forget Self-Care When Moving to Little Rock

Manicure before MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Let's be honest …the bulk of organizing and handling a household move many times falls on the women in the household. Although a lot of women these days are employed, this sort of "family jobs" continue to be seen as "women's work". And here is the truth-many women are better organized, better at multi-tasking, and much better with making decisions. Therefore, while it is probably very little comfort that you, the awesome Mother who holds it all together, will be the only one capable of getting it done, it might drive you even crazier not to be the leader. Hence, on this Mother's Day, we praise all women and remind you to take a moment for yourself, specifically if you happen to be amidst moving to a new residence in Little Rock.

Two Forms of Stress during Moves

Fine, there are actually far more than two, but we will pay attention to the key strains--physical and psychological. Follow this advice regarding how to handle those stresses in the weeks leading up to a long-distance move to Little Rock or even a local move in Little Rock--it seems like a bad time to begin a new self-care regimen, but it is going to protect your peace of mind in the long run.

Moving Hurts

It will help to be in good shape if you're getting ready to move. Unless you use a full-service professional moving company, where they come pack all your household stuff, almost all of it falls on you--sometimes literally, when you're digging out the closets. This means considerably more lifting and bending than you're accustomed to, plus more aches and pains at the end of the day. You may be too busy to maintain your gym routine, therefore those tight muscles just stay home and brood, and become tighter every day.

A therapeutic massage will work miracles for your back muscles and relieve some of the tensions you're carrying nowadays. If you can find a way to schedule one for every few weeks around the packing mayhem, it'll do wonders for your body and spirit. In fact half an hour in a massage chair relieves some stress and tension.

It's not precisely the moment to take up a new exercise program, however if you already have an exercise plan, don't neglect your classes--they're doing your system some good, and getting you out from the boxes on occasion. Getting the endorphins going also alleviates the perpetual anxiety you're feeling.

Mental Health Attention

The psychological tension associated with a move is just as painful as aching muscles, but sometimes it is harder to remedy. Leaving your home, even in the ideal circumstances, can be mentally difficult. If the move is taking you out of town, make the most of the time you've got in your old community. Remain in your routines with friends--make the time for coffee or lunch and carry on your children's routines if you can. This keeps them busy so they're not so preoccupied with leaving their friends.

These are a few things you can try for psychological health care leading up to your move.

· Step from your preparing and packing to do activities with friends.

· Organize a girls' weekend within your new area for a couple of weeks after you move.

· Secure a sitter and go out to dinner with your spouse. Moving discussion will not be encouraged.

· Arrange a pampering pedicure--the sort with the prolonged foot massage. Wait on the manicures until the adhesive goo is off your fingertips.

· At present is the time to try out a new hair tint or cut--when you move, no one will guess it's the "new" you. The new neighbors are going to suppose you've always had hot pink hair extensions.

· Now isn't the chance to experiment with permanent body art. You may regret a trendy tattoo of your old house sooner than later.

It's fine to allow yourself to be blue over a move--you've created a life and memories, and they're difficult to leave. But permitting the doldrums to take control and staying home at all times to pack cartons isn't the solution. Step away frequently and go do something exclusively for you--sometimes even Wonder Woman requires a break.

And, if you'd like help planning or performing any component of your local or long-distance residential move, locate a professional moving company in Little Rock who is able to offer as much or as little assistance as you need. Need to know how to start? Call A-1 Freeman Moving Group today!


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