5 Tips for Moving to Little Rock over the Holidays

Moving over the holidaysBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

As we discussed in our blog earlier this month, a holiday move to Little Rock can be hectic, difficult, and seem somewhat intimidating initially. However, there may be a couple of benefits to picking a holiday move for those who play your cards right. There are particular actions you can take to make it easier on yourself and your family members, and that will perhaps make the move more pleasant than one at a different time of year - let's consider our 5 tips to making your move to Little Rock over the holidays as straightforward as can be.

Reuse cartons

Seems like most people have performed this year’s shopping online. Holiday and birthday gifts for yourself and other folks appear on your doorstep, and it's great - until you open all of them up and have a heap of cardboard boxes 6 feet high to handle.

Typically, you'd probably recycle those cardboard boxes and obtain your moving cartons from the home improvement store or maybe your professional moving company in Little Rock, however if you are moving over the holiday season then you can re-purpose the cartons as moving boxes to not only save cash, but to help lessen your carbon footprint!

Keep an eye on the weather

Weather can be very fickle in the holiday season, irrespective of where you reside. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather channel as best you can, to plan accordingly for serious weather like snow, wind, or lightning storms which make it difficult for even professional moving companies in Little Rock to do their task well.

Donate mildly used items to reduce the number of items you must move

Normally, we encourage people to pare down the number of things they must move before it's time to go not just to save cash, but to simplify the moving process. Yard sales as well as estate sales are common when the occupants are moving, but choosing to donate your lightly used pieces of furniture (or smaller items like apparel) that you no longer need or won't be taking with you is an excellent option to embrace the Holiday spirit as well as bless someone in need. A lot of donation facilities encourage donations especially around the holiday season; search for one in your area!

Combine your holiday greeting card along with your life update

Many households send out Christmas cards out to loved ones to wish them a Merry Christmas and update them on what is taking place in their lives. Certainly, a change of residence shall be contained in that update! Nevertheless, many think that a reference to the move may suffice, and decide to send out another change of address notice to those people who have to have it. Should you be moving any other time of the year that approach is effective, however you can kill two birds with one stone if you are moving over the holidays. Include your change of address announcement with your holiday card (or in the same envelope if you want to keep them at least slightly separate) to save on postage as well as time.

Engage a Professional Moving Company Now

Professional movers do take the opportunity to allow their workers vacation time around the holidays, for them to spend time with their own families and get some well-deserved downtime. As a result, moving companies can be thinly staffed during the holidays and could have less availabilities for moving jobs. As soon as you set a date for your move, reserve your moving company in Little Rock ASAP so they can be sure to staff your move enough in advance.


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